Client Testimonials

We are proud to share a selection of client testimonials that our wealth management team in Montreal has had the pleasure to receive.

We have been clients of the St-Georges Group since 1997. We were back in Toronto at the time. Our first meeting with the St-Georges Group convinced us that we would be better served by them, at which time we decided to transfer our business despite having been with a competitor for over 15 years.

From the outset, we were marked by their empathy and their attentiveness regarding our wealth planning needs. We quickly realized that the team was always available when it came time for major decisions, from buying a house, to starting our business and to the eventual sale of our business. Their skillset covered all decision-making aspects, both on the personal and the professional front.

We greatly benefited from their expertise, and their involvement often went ‘beyond the call of duty’. In one instance, they took the time to meet with us during a period where we were living through very difficult and tense business dealings. In addition, well before we qualified for the full services of private wealth planning, they opened up their network of professionals to us. These are relationships we have kept for 25 years now.

The transition to Darren, the second generation owner of the St-Georges group, was very fluid for us, as well as for the other people we had referred to the St-Georges Group. In addition to Darren’s analytical sense, we noticed the same level of diligence in his follow ups, as well as the same rigour, availability and impartiality we had become accustomed to. More than just wealth advisors, the team members of the St-Georges Group have turned out to be mentors and friends.

We therefore continue to recommend the St-Georges Group to anyone wishing to optimize their wealth, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Richard Bélanger and Diane Brouillette
I have worked with Darren for the last 8 years for both my personal financial planning as well as for my companies investments. Darren has always taken the time to listen attentively to my personal objectives as well as trying to understand the full picture. Easy to speak to, easy to reach and has gained my trust.
Antonio Mendes, President of Shoe Zone

Darren and his team have been handling my financial affairs with professionalism and care for 5 years. They are proactive, knowledgeable and personalised in their approach. Wealth management can sometimes seem overwhelming or difficult to discuss and understand, but with Darren I definitely feel well taken care of. My concerns are listened to without judgement or sales pressure, and his recommendations are solid. I would highly recommend the St-Georges Group.

Dr. Anthony Seminara, Owner & Dentist at Downtown Montreal Dentistry

I have been using the planning services of the St-Georges Group for over 10 years. Not only do they wholeheartedly understand my expectations with respect to taking risks, but they constantly keep abreast of the most current information to offer us the best possible portfolio management. Darren and his team are always available to help us with any preoccupation we may have.

Jules Bernier, Owner Jules Bernier Lawyers Inc.

Choosing the St-Georges Group for our wealth planning needs has proven to be a very useful and judicious decision over the years. They have advised us, guided us, and reassured when necessary with remarkable professionalism. They offer us excellent service, always listen to our concerns and provide sound advice for all our financial and estate planning needs. A big thank you to whole team!

Dr. Robert Lalumière and Michèle Veillet

We have been working with The St-Georges Group for several years and we are very satisfied with the quality of their service. Their attentiveness, proactivity and support in all our projects make this team a partner of choice for our financial security. We can therefore make major changes while being very well supported. We invite you to benefit from this service too!

Caroline and Pierre, President-Owner Sport Olympe
After a wonderful decade of having Darren St. Georges as my advisor, I can genuinely attest that my portfolio is in fantastic shape. Darren’s unwavering attention and tailored approach have crafted a rock-solid financial plan just for me. I’m also grateful for his knack for tapping into the abundant resources within Assante, which has truly enhanced my financial journey.
Dr. Sandra Dykhuis