The other day I got asked: “Daddy, why do you go to work every day?” It was a great opportunity to showcase that work (like school) does not need to be “boring”.

And then it prompted some self-reflection – why is it that I wake up so ready to in the morning?

(Full disclosure: coffee helps)



Being the owner of The St-Georges Group probably has a lot to do with it.

I like the autonomy and I like being in the driver’s seat, both within the business itself but also having control over my own work-family life balance.


Building, improving, and learning

I like the niche that I operate in and I like my clients. I enjoy our conversations and get a strong sense of purpose from the level of deep trust they have in me and my team.

Every client is different in their small way, keeping my work experiences fresh. That difference & uniqueness offers challenging puzzles to solve. I really enjoy that challenge and the ability it provides me to better master my skillset.

I like working with my employees every day, and I like watching them operate within a framework of processes that we have built together. Seeing the process work is a real high for me. And I like finding ways to improve them and move the client experience even higher.


Meaning and Purpose

We offer a very personalized service. I don’t mean in the ‘customized’ sense (although that is true); rather, we get very personal with the clients. Those who really engage with us tell me that we have had an immense positive impact in their life. It does not get more rewarding.

In my own little way, I have acted as a coach and mentor to my team members and I have seen them grow. They also challenge me and teach me things. It is a nice win-win.

I get to be very present with my family. I get one shot at this, so having a business that allows me to be present and involved is priceless – so I better make sure it works!

Since March 2020 “going to work” has meant going to the home office (a.k.a. guest bedroom) but the motivators have not changed.

Long ago, I used to be one of those people dreading Monday, crawling to hump day, and watching the clock tick agonizingly to 5 pm on Friday. I do not miss it!

– Darren

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*Note to the reader: This article was originally published on LinkedIn on February 2, 2021.

Darren-St-Georges, team of Strategic Wealth Advisors of The St-Georges Group

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